Daft Punk–Alive 2007 versus Coachella Bootleg Sound quality

From what I’ve heard of both, the Coachella bootleg has far superior sound quality whereas the official Alive 2007 release is nowhere near as listenable. Coachella sounds like it was recorded off of a soundboard with the addition of an ambient mic to pick up crowd noises–Alive doesn’t even sound like it’s off a soundboard, it has less fidelity, less depth, and sounds kind of cardboardy and flat. Now, why wouldn’t they have released the Coachella bootleg instead???

OH, my bad, my apologies Daft Punk!!! It turns out I was listening to a bootleg my friend taped!!! I’m listening to the legit copy of Alive 2007 now, and it sounds great!!! Grrr!!!  I still think the Coachella bootleg might sound a bit better though!

The complete Coachella version that rules comes in two parts, parts 1 and part 2. I’ve heard a combined version that cut out the awesome Close Encounters of the Third Kind music at the beginning, etc.


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