Ronald Jenkees, Muscial Genius as heard on ESPN

The Fast Song – a piano jam

messin with an e-piano sound (with distortion, LOL)


This guy is good.

Really good! He could be making songs with Daft Punk, Madonna, Just Blaze, Timbaland, etc. In fact, if any of them let him produce their next few songs/CDs, they’d probably turn out that much better. Check out his crazy classical music piano song…followed by a great R&B/hip hop jam.

He could go on tour like Bowfire, or the Blue Man Group.

He has also got the best voice ever! (At the beginning and end of the clips). He could do voices for a great cartoon or something!

Looks like a movie in the making.

From his website:

“I’m not a savant or anything remotely related. Lots of people make assumptions, but I’m normal. I make videos to (hopefully) entertain, share my music, and encourage others to play even if they’re just getting started. No matter where you plan to take your music, I think it’s time well spent. Whether you’re hammering out “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or something crazy complicated, music can and should be fun. It’s such a constructive use of your time, even if you are doing simple stuff.”

Great stuff!


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