Flying Island — Another Kind of Space/ Apple and Tethered Devices

Dear Apple,

Why can I only access the iTunes music store if I download software to my computer?  I mean, I’ve downloaded it before, but…why?  And Vanguard Records, I won’t buy the awesome records by Flying Island until you sell the as DRM free mp3s on the Amazon website, where I can easily access the store and sample the songs without downloading software special software.  BAH!!!

The Future of the Internet – And How to Stop It

“Zittrain explains that the Internet and much of what is built on top of it is “generative”—it welcomes change from anyone, anywhere. The benefits of generativity are innovative output (new things that improve people’s lives), and participatory input (the opportunity to connect with other people, work with them, and express oneself). But security issues online, like viruses, spyware, and invasions of privacy, will see this generative infrastructure replaced by fashionable “tethered appliances,” including iPods, iPhones, Xboxes, and TiVos. These devices are not generative—they can’t be modified easily by users, even as they are continuously regulated and controlled by their makers. Zittrain offers an accessible discussion of the looming problems of an “appliancized” future and provides a set of visionary solutions to help stop it.”


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