Joji Hirota – Wheel of Fortune

mp3s: Joji Hirota–Wheel of Fortune (z-share, re-upped)

This is one of the best prog rock, jazz fusion albums ever made. Amazing analog synths, crazy drumming, great bass, piano, and koto. Hopefully this will be rereleased on CD in the US. Must hear for fans of Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Gentle Giant, Dusty Fingers and library music, some early Hiroshima, indie prog like the Fucking Champs and Don Caballero, and other analog synth heavy stuff like Daft Punk, Metro Area, even the fusion-sample-heavy hip-hop of Madvillain/Madlib/MF Doom stuff. Or if you like the Shadow Warriors/Kage no Gundan soundtrack. Might also appeal to fans of Zombi and Trans Am also. A must-hear!

He made an amazing album on Japan’s King records, under the name of George Hirota: Sahasurara. I have this on vinyl only, it would be great to have a CD/mp3 rerelease version.

Also see: George Hirota — Ancient Consciousness of Evil Spirit: Sahasurara


3 Responses

  1. Hello – thank you for posting this! I really enjoyed it. Would you mind converting the Sahasurara record to mp3s sometime and posting that as well? Again – thanks!

  2. hi, i am so grateful and happy to be hearing the Joji Hirota Wheel of Fortune album!! thank you so much, if you ever find the time or inclination to rip Sahasurara
    I would be very grateful, thanks again!!, ps i have many rare japanese albums on vinyl but can’t find this last Hirota, if you are looking for anything let me know, tks!

  3. Greetings from Japan – awesome to hear Hirota-san again after too many years. Would you please consider re-uploading the “Wheel of Fortune”? I am too late, I know but….



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