Want to make the world a better place? Steal more music!

Bob Lefsetz continues to speak the truth:

“If you’re arguing against theft, if you’re arguing for higher prices, you’re showing your ignorance, you’re shilling for the man. Please open your eyes to the overall game. The distribution lines must be redrawn, for the benefit of artists and society. Don’t let the usual suspects tell you otherwise. They’re just afraid of the future. Which will benefit them too, if they’re willing to hunker down and compete, just like everybody else.”


One Response

  1. I dig Amazon’s mp3 downloads, the fact that I don’t have to download software to sample/listen to the songs, that I can access it through a normal web browser unlike iTunes, that there’s no DRM, etc…very convenient. Who knows how the money is divvied up…but I hear artists might be able to get a better deal than on iTunes?

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