Steampunk — All You Need to Know is Galaxy Express 999 (and HG Wells)

There’s an article on steampunk in today’s New York Times…It always makes me wonder that so many writers about steampunk don’t bother to mention Galaxy Express 999: a comic since 1977, a TV cartoon since 1978, a movie starting in 1979…featuring an early 19th? century style STEAM TRAIN, a wooden pirate ship, in a futuristic outer space world…Captain Harlock dressing up like a pirate, and guiding his pirate ship on the outside of the ship in space with a wooden ship wheel…the train isn’t ALL wooden, neither is the pirate ship, they are incorporated with futuristic technology, that’s what steampunk is about right? Um, there’s a lot more, but I don’t think it gets any more steampunk than that. Journalists, writers about steampunk…are you missing something/did you overlook something in your research and coverage?

Interesting, I just wrote about Galaxy 999 the other day.


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