Yahoo Answers–The Collective Unconscious Exposed

Yahoo Answers…the official site of the human id. More fun than best of craigslist…officially one of the most entertaining sites on the internet. It’s sort of like a more user-active Wikipedia mixed with Post Secret or something…very much a social networking site since people are constantly answering each other’s questions and making jokes, having sorts of conversations, etc. Crowdsourcing at its…most entertaining? The lack of citations to reputable sources can sometimes be amazing…I wonder if librarians could harness Yahoo Answers in conjunction with various “Ask a Librarian” services.

Some Yahoo Answers questions:

does bubbling on the side of you rib cause periods?

is there a way that someone can have something in their body that messes with electronics?

Freaky computer noise?

This girl wants to be in my posse, but shes not a good enough rappa!?! What should I tell her?!?

How much will I actually recieve at gamestop if i trade in pokemon ranger and brain age?

Ever hunt with your cat?

im making a plannet wit a laser beam on it, is this the right formula?

combine 1st and 2nd crystal + my dna = plannet. combine 1st crystal with heat/flame + barium…yellow pirnt bromine + syntax + obodium bromide = laser beam(ion cannon) now lets dominate = …

my friend at work uses a web cam to spy on his cat?

How many people love pets?

Why do guys call at the last minute for a date?

Have you ever been chased by mice ?

What is the meanest thing your cat has ever done?

How do I stop my dogs from chasing my livestock?

Does your cat see you in the buff?

Has anyone heard of a tiger striped cat‘s personality being linked to its color?

6 quotes from To Kill A Mockingbird please. AND PAGE #.?


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