Hillary Clinton, Robert Kennedy Assassination, and Semiotics

Okay, so earlier I posted on the semiotics of Hillary Clinton’s White Americans comment and the 3AM commercial…now there’s the Robert Kennedy Assassination comment. Um, read more here and be sure to watch the Keith Olbermann video.  And perhaps be left…speechless?

Hillary could have used any other comparisons, any other examples of primaries stretching into June without bringing up RFK’s assassination, such as these pointed out in this quote in the Huffington Post.

” Marc Ambinder wonders about the explanation of her Bobby Kennedy reference:

For those who contend that Clinton was referring to competitive contests or example, why didn’t she bring up Ted Kennedy in 1980? Or Gary Hart in 1984? I think she was pointing to primary races where the eventual nominee was unknown at this point in the cycle…. But 1984 would apply more, her husband was the de-facto nominee at this point, and the compressed calender really renders such comparisons null and void.Even if her point is legitimate, surely she is aware of the sensitivity of the subject.”

Be sure to watch the amazing ten-minute video critique by Keith Olbermann in the Huffington Post article.

The White Americans comment, the 3AM commercial, the Bosnia snipers comment, the RFK assassination comments…what on earth is going on with Hillary Clinton??? At this point I wouldn’t elect her to my local city council or condo association board!!!


3 Responses

  1. Hillary: Why I Continue To Run

    This past Friday, during a meeting with a newspaper editorial board, I was asked about whether I was going to continue in the presidential race.

    I made clear that I was – and that I thought the urgency to end the 2008 primary process was unprecedented. I pointed out, as I have before, that both my husband’s primary campaign, and Sen. Robert Kennedy’s, had continued into June.

    Almost immediately, some took my comments entirely out of context and interpreted them to mean something completely different – and completely unthinkable.

    I want to set the record straight: I was making the simple point that given our history, the length of this year’s primary contest is nothing unusual. Both the executive editor of the newspaper where I made the remarks, and Sen. Kennedy’s son, Bobby Kennedy Jr., put out statements confirming that this was the clear meaning of my remarks. Bobby stated, “I understand how highly charged the atmosphere is, but I think it is a mistake for people to take offense.”

    I realize that any reference to that traumatic moment for our nation can be deeply painful – particularly for members of the Kennedy family, who have been in my heart and prayers over this past week. And I expressed regret right away for any pain I caused.

    But I was deeply dismayed and disturbed that my comment would be construed in a way that flies in the face of everything I stand for – and everything I am fighting for in this election.


  2. Once again doublespeak:
    “Almost immediately, some took my comments entirely out of context and interpreted them to mean something completely different – and completely unthinkable.”

    Entirely out of context? The context is this: running against an African American in an election where many people are worried about the possibility of an assassination attempt–and where Huckabee recently made a joke about Obama and an assassination attempt and was lambasted by the press. Oh, yes, there is plenty of context, and HIllary’s comments were NOT taken out of context. This is on the level of Bill Clinton’s “It depends on what your definition of “is” is” quote. Come on, we all know what the obvious context of her words is in this election, if she can’t concede she made a mistake in terms of an objective context of the election, she’s not worthy of being president, vice president, etc.

  3. uppishly says : I absolutely agree with this !

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