Nanotubes and Asbestos; Nutrition and the Nintendo Wii

C’mon people…yeah, we can have nanotubes and neat technology, and the lung cancer won’t matter because we’ll have bionic lungs…but air probably tastes sweeter through natural human lungs. That’s the problem with all of this new fangled technology…we wouldn’t have half the health problems if we just ate balanced, organic meals made with fewer pesticides, people wouldn’t be so obese and we’d have less diabetes if people packed a healthy lunch to work, even just eating healthier microwaved food with vegetables for lunch–it’s amazing how many people eat fast food like McDonalds every day for at work. Less diabetes, less heart attacks, etc.

I’m not even talking about anything hardcore like being a vegan, which leads some people and babies to malnourishment, or even vegetarianism, I just mean something simple like not eating McDoanlds and other fast food for lunch everyday, it’s not rocket science, get some tupperware, some healthier microwave food, use that work microwave, make some hand-made sandwiches with natural chemical-free deli meats, etc.

We’re getting people to quit smoking…I imagine with healthier food markets like Whole Foods and Trader Joes, along with the “green” movement, cognizance of high health costs especially as baby boomers get older–eventually there will be a social movement that will make less healthy foods and eating habits much more socially unappealing just like smoking. Maybe there will be some cool cooking and nutrition game for the Wii since Nintendo is riding this new healthy living wave. Of course the concept of food deserts will have to be strongly tackled for a new health wave to take off–what percentage of people in the US live in neighborhoods where there are no supermarkets, just liquor stores and fast food restaurants?  How are people going to consistently make healthy dinners and pack healthy lunches when there are no markets convenient to travel to in their neighborhoods?

Financial Times:

Warning of nanotube ‘asbestos’ risk

Carbon nanotubes, hailed as a “wonder material for the 21st century”, could be as dangerous as asbestos fibres if the nanotechnology industry does not handle them properly, researchers warned on Tuesday.

A UK-US study showed that the needle-like carbon molecules – one-50,000th the width of a human hair – caused disease symptoms in mice just like those induced by asbestos fibres.

Nanotubes, discovered in the early 1990s, are coming into industrial use as very light, ultra-strong materials with a wide range of applications, from high-tech tennis rackets and other sporting goods to electronics and pharmaceuticals.

Oh and wait until the Morgellons people get wind of this nanotube/asbestos link…I haven’t yet heard any theories that Morgellons disease is caused by stray nanotube fibers but I’m sure there’s a theory for everything. Plus all the chemically sensitive people, etc…I for one am not quite looking forward to all the potential hazards presented by nanotechnology. We have enough pollution, radioactive waste sites, pesticide, etc. floating around already. Sort of like the ring of space trash around the Earth…let’s hope we don’t ever get to a point where you’ll be able to look through a microscope and see the “local atmosphere” around you polluted with all sorts of nanojunk, that’s quite a situation to avoid.


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