Mudhoney Live

Just saw Mudhoney live. Saw them with FiestaRed back in 97 too, great show as usual. They have so many hits you probably don’t even realize from all time periods of their career, including some immediate classics from their newest albums. There were segments where just Steve Turner plays guitar, and it’s just as awesome as when they both play guitar. One of the best live acts ever! Love the solos as usual, like a bluesy punk/metal band channeling Blue Cheer and Jimi Hendrix. The audience goes crazy, especially for songs like Hate Police, Sweet Young Thing, Suck You Dry, etc.

In tribute, Mudhoney have a song Magnolia Caboose Babyshit a cover of Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger by Blue Cheer.

Check out this awesome Blue Cheer/Mudhoney-like Grand Funk Railroad song — Paranoid (live).

I heard some Moody Blues recently with some really great psychadelic guitar solos…

Check out this amazing Blue Cheer song, crazy guitar solos, and parts of it are almost like some indie post-punk song, mixed with Jimi Hendrix of course: Blue Cheer — Doctor Please


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