The Gordons, Vol 1, Vol 2, Flying Nun: Amazing, Under-heard Indie Post-Punk!!!

The Gordons. You’ll love them even if you’ve never heard them. Classic songs any fan of stuff like Mission of Burma and Sonic Youth would like such as Spik and Span, Right on Time, Growing Up, etc. I’ve never heard Vol 2 until now…I can’t believe this hasn’t been re-released on CD or anything, that I know of. The songs on Vol 2 feature a lot of Christian Death-Only Theatre of Pain/Killing Joke/Voivod/Drive Like Jehu/Sonic Youth/Live Skull-like tri-tone dischordant guitar freakouts, which is always a good thing. Some of the songs have more of a hardcore/punk bent then on Vol 1, which may have turned some people off initially based on some reviews I have read.

Mp3: The Gordons: Vol. 1

Courtesy of No Ship on My Sea

Here’s the cover of the CD rerelease which pairs Vol 1 and the Future Shock EP.


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