Awesome dance/disco/dub mix by Klenderfender: Messy, 2008

This is a really cool and eclectic mix by the infamous Mr. Klenderfender. Lots of crazy hip hop, disco, dancehall, soul, and dub stuff thrown in there. Here’s the Klenderfender: Messy Mix from the Musical Coco Basket blog.

Cover Girls – Show Me (Hearthrob Mix)

Floormaster Squeeze – Kick Out The James (Again)

Mr. Dead – Spit Something (Inst.)

Pop Will Eat Itself – There’s No Love Between Us Anymore (Specially Ext. Dance Mix)

Young Disciples – Apparently Nothin (Org. Inst.)

D’ Lux Dropz – Original Dun Dunna

Michel’le – No More Lies (Inst.)

Chic – Dance, Dance, Dance

Slow Mo Acid – Coming Down Band

Village People – I Am What I Am

Slow Mo Acid – Coming Down Band

Acid Ant – Stepper

Robert Owens – Living In A Land

Chopstick Dubplate – Chop 3

Terrorist – Helicopter

Orbital – Chime

Soul II Soul – Jazzie’s Groove

Timelords – Doctorin The Tardis (Minimal Mix)

Ronnie Davis – Every Rasta Is A Star

Fatlip – What’s Up Fatlip (Inst.)

Son Doobie – Por Amor (Inst.)

Coldcut – Stop This Crazy Thing (The Beat)

Chubb Rock – I’m Too Much (Hands On The Sax Inst.)

Poor Righteous Teachers – Easy Star (Inst.)

The Rootsman – Pass the Lighter (Remix by Q)

Inez Foxx – Mousa Muse

Funkdoobiest – Rock On (Inst.)

Attica Blues – What Do You Want? (Exemen Mix)

Bruce Lee MC – No Mind (Zen Experience)

English Beat – Twist and Crawl

Herbaliser – Generals (Inst.)

English Beat – Twist and Crawl (Dub)


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