Heart–Live 1976–Magic Man!!!

Aw man you can’t beat the sustain on the guitar lick in the first few seconds of this song–it’s like the guitar player is so excited to play that he jumped the gun and is already in mid-solo before the band even starts playing. Does anyone know what language the announcer is speaking in the beginning? Ah, it looks like the venue or TV show is “Musik Laden,” must be German! And what kind of a shirt is that one male guitarist is wearing–is it a judo uniform top? And how does the guitar sound like a violin kind of? And can you beat having two electric guitars and one acoustic guitar all at once? And will you buy me an Orange amp?

Here’s another performance from 1976 on the KWSU show “Second Ending”


One Response

  1. woah dude- i just went back to africa with that drum solo…i’m surprised i’m not speaking in ticks-….

    serious music session just then, really thankfull for the post, i hadn’t seen that live, but now that i have, i have a new found respect for that song and band

    oh and btw, long live the seventies dispite thier fashion sense, check out that bassist in the second video, FAR OUT hahahaha

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