Swervedriver Live 2008

Just saw Swervedriver live on their 2008 reunion. Totally awesome, one of the best live shows ever. Hopefully they’ll do this every few years! Sort of like what a mix of Sonic Youth, Drive Like Jehu, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Live Skull, Polvo, Josef K, Magic Hour, Major Stars, Mudhoney, Loop, the Cure, and Dinosaur Jr. might sound like–except for it was way better than any Sonic Youth or Dinosaur Jr. shows I’ve ever seen. Pretty perfect! They pretty much can play music, especially play guitar, the way probably 95% of anyone who likes guitar-driven indie rock has ever wanted to be able to play–a mix of experimental, jangly, noise, psychadelic fuzz solos, feedback, experimental chords, etc. Best of all though, pretty great catchy-songwriting skills and exactly the right rhythm section. Hoping for more live shows–(last time I saw them was 1998–gasp–10 years ago)–and hopefully a new album someday?

Here’s a treat:

MP3: Swervedriver-Kill the Superheroes (live)

One of the best Swevedriver and indie guitar rock songs ever made!!! Listen to the solo starting at 4:55…brilliant! Can anyone tell me what show this is? Someone sent me this on CD once, it just said “Swervedriver–Live Covers,” although most of the songs aren’t covers but are Swervedriver songs…

The tracklist is:

  1. Son of Mustang Ford
  2. Kill the Superheroes
  3. Duress
  4. Sandblasted
  5. Sunset
  6. Rave Down
  7. Juggernaut Rides
  8. Scrawl and Scream
  9. 99th Dream
  10. Wrong Treats
  11. ? Some cover?
  12. ? Some cover?
  13. ? Some cover?
  14. Magic Bus (The Who)

Also see:

The Boston Globe: A decade later, Swervedriver still has it

Seattle Weekly: Swervedriver’s U-Turn

And…Youtube video, Swervedriver @ The Fillmore “Kill the Superheroes” 2008

Here’s another of my favorite songs:

Swervedriver – Blowin’ Cool (Live), Live at the London Astoria 1993, back when the singer Adam Franklin had dreads…

And another favorite in 2008 …surely someone has more than a 22 second clip, Swervedriver – Never Lose that Feeling

Photo by Bsearles


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