The Best Hip Hop Samples Ever

Kate Bush–Blow Away (for Bill)

Check out the pianos at the beginning and end of the song, ’nuff said.  An amazing song all around.

Culture Club–Victims. Check out the intro pianos, the drums and epic vocals and piano at 2:17, the amazing part with the piano and the strings starting at 3:48, and then the part at 4:19…

I think Just Blaze should make a beat out of this and get Jay-Z on it.

Oh, there’s a version with no Boy George vocals, an instrumental (not sure if it’s exactly the same), by Culture Club–Romance Revisited. Well, they put too much oboe or something over the intro piano in the Romance Revisited version, and they took out the awesome drums and stuff and the crazy female vocals. Stick with the original version with the drums and vocals and everything.

Al Stewart – The Year of the Cat

Check out the amazing piano at the beginning of this song, just ready to be sampled for some hip hop song. Great epic song all around, nice guitar AND sax solos. The vocals sound almost like some Manchester music in the 90s like Oasis or Blur, or some new wave band, but better, more classic classic rock, more John Lennon mixed with Donovan or Cat Stevens or something.

Ides of March — Vehicle

Check out the crazy horns at the beginning. This would sound something like Jay-Z’s “Roc Boyz” is done properly. Great guitar solo too.

Also see: Francis Lai-L’aventure soundtrack

And the opening track on George Hirota’s Sahasurara album

Also see the bongos at the beginning of the T-rex song Rip Off

John McLaughlin–the chorus,piano part etc, in Desire and the Comforter

Via DJ Letters and Science


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  1. Thank you for making this! I am going to sample Victims to make a beat out of it. Peace and blessings!

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