Yes — Close to the Edge Pt. 1, Pt. 2

Yes–Close to the Edge Pt.1

Yes–Close to the Edge Pt.2

And then God told Yes to create Close to the Edge Pt. 1…This is hand-down one of the best pieces of experimental music, classic rock, prog rock, indie, indie-metal, prog-metal, postpunk ever made…(of course, having been made in 1972, this song predates most of those musical genres).   All of the music of bands like Voivod, Don Caballero, Sonic Youth, Drive Like Jehu, the Minutemen, etc., could probably fit in this one song. I’ve always thought Mike Watt must have been a huge Yes fan in the Minutemen, and that the Minutemen were fantastic at making one-minute-long prog rock opuses (so many parts and ideas fit into so little time!!!). It’s weird that I never really heard people refer to early Minutemen as prog rock, but that’s what it so obviously is (at least up until Double nickels on the Dime?). Yes–Closer to the Edge, for fans of the above-mentioned bands and obviously bands like Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Magma, etc.


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