The Ruination of Tokion Magazine

I totally agree with most the below review (I liked Tokion up until the format change, mostly).  I used to enjoy reading Tokion magazine–there would be interesting articles on underground musicians, graphic designers, international culture, etc. Sort of like a cross between I.D. magazine, a less crass and crude Vice Magazine, Interview magazine, and Giant Robot. Um, then inexplicably the magazine changed its size to huge and unwieldy (much larger than 8.5 x 11″), and became almost exclusively a fashion magazine, minus interesting articles on music, art, and underground culture. They used to write about some art magazine/underground culture magazine they really liked from the 70s, their new direction seems 100% removed from that type of magazine. Hopefully they regain their senses and previous unique and interesting focus.

From Animal New York

Tokion, the magazine that forgot what it was about—Japanese cool, freaky fashion, and cool art that made it a standout when first published—has a “NEW LOOK” and “NEW FEEL” as the coverlines emphatically states begs. However, after a quick thumb through, you realize quickly that Tokion is still not breaking any NEW ground. Basically, the mag now costs $5.99, is no longer perfect bound, grew to a slightly more awkward size, doesn’t have the editor in chief writing every article, and still maintains the editorial and visual blandness that’s kept it in a perpetual state of irrelevance since investor Larry Rosenblum took the reigns and sent Adam Glickman on his way with a $2 million check a few years ago.


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  1. Tokion dont pay their bills. These people are assholes. Now thats cool

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