Sebastien Tellier – Une Heure

Nice…Sebastien Tellier – Une Heure. Some kind of new wave analog synth 70s/80s pop fusion song…the full, finished album version with vocals and lyrics is on the Sebastien Tellier – Sexuality album, produced by Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo of Daft Punk. Sounds sort of like a mix between Josef K and the Happy Family (Momus), and the Flying Lizards or something. Or the band Out on Blue Six (pre -Shreikback).

Listening to Sebastien Tellier’s albums Politics and Sexuality, it’s like he’s a great descendant of Francis Lai, mixed with bits ofthe Sparks, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, Stereolab, Andrew Bird, and Daft Punk. I hear some Magma in there too, believe it or not (especially the vocals on “Lenny)! Sort of like some good Brian Eno in scope and experimentation within the pop format…

Oh, this makes sense re: the Magma connection (from

His growing popularity has won him some well-known fans. Once the smart, artsy kid from the 17th Arrondissement could count only one hip musical connection: his father played with nihilist French prog rockers, Magma.



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  1. I want to know the lyrics for Sébastien’s “Une Heure”. If anyone have them, please let me know.

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