The Rolling Stones – Dance (Promo Only Disco Instrumental) plus Led Zeppelin – Trampled Under Foot

Rolling Stones – Dance (Promo Only Disco Instrumental). This is so great. SO GREAT. That era of the 70s with rock meeting disco and funk and fusion, then giving birth to new wave and electro in the early 80s…what could ever be better.

“This one however not many know of as it was a promo only 12” release of prob the best cut on the “Emotional Rescue” LP and also, hands down the best dance tune the stones ever made.

Here it is in its hard to find 12″ promo disco mix form.”

Here’s a live version with vocals, not the dance mix:

It’s funny how Rolling Stones — Dance has basically the riff from Led Zeppelin’s Trampled Under Foot. GOD BLESS 70s/80s classic rock disco!!!

I wonder if there’s a list somewhere of all Rolling Stones disco songs…
Rolling Stones–Miss You

Rolling Stones–Rock and a hard place


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  1. Trampled Underfoot was pretty much the only thing that would get me on a dancefloor back in the day. Of course, the women usually vacated it when Zep came on! Great to see this posted – Earls court 1975 – I’m proud to say…I WAS THERE! Needless to say, they were incredible.

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