Dabbling in Command Line Perl and PHP, Easy Installation on Windows

If you’ve ever wanted to install PHP and Perl on your computer and don’t use Unix and gcc and make etc (yet), you can easily install PHP and Perl on a Windows PC by installing the Windows binaries using the handy MSI installers (stands for “Microsoft Installer,” so you know it’s, well, Microsoft-y) which are pretty much installation wizards like those used for installing any other Windows programs. No semi-complicated source code compilation and all that, just the easy installation wizards mainstream PC users are used to. You can also start out using PHP and Perl from the command line (Start menu-> Run-> cmd (i.e. click on  the Start menu in the lower-left hand corner of the window, select the “Run” option, enter the text cmd, and hit enter) without having to deal with setting up a webserver like Apache or using a webserver etc provided by a webhost, just instant coding from the command line with no hassle or extra steps (which you’ll probably move on to later).  To see if you already have them installed, enter php -v for php and perl -v for Perl at the Windows command line, if they’re installed info about the versions will come up on the command line window.

PHP Windows MSI installer

PHP on the Command Line

ActivePerl Windows MSI Installer

How to Install Perl on a Windows system – ActivePerl


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