Mushrumps: Love at first listen

Mushrumps is hands down the best mp3 blog for my tastes I have ever encountered. Mr. Mushrumps has impeccable taste and musical curatorship. I’ve literally doubled my amount of good music just by listening to Mushrumps. Found out about Mushrumps after he was a guest DJ on the venerable Bumrocks, which also rocks. I too love Tres Hombres (especially for The Sheik, which sounds fantastic on vinyl and less so on CD, true story). Listening to all the great Mushrumps music, it’s like when I first discovered some Magma, Space, Flying Lizards, Gentle Giant, Captain Beefheart, Brian Bennett, King Crimson, Joni Mitchell, etc. That great feeling of finding some nice music you’ve never heard the likes of before but wish you had. Runs the gamut from psychadelic, folk, prog, metal, soul, etc. Lots of pleasant analog synth action. Thanks Mushrumps!!!


Here’s a pretty cool cover of ZZ Top’s Sheik by some band “Uncle Sugar”!


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