Los Angeles Versus Fast Food; US Global Competitiveness at Stake; Class Action!!!

If America ever begins to lose its competitiveness, in great measure it’s probably because we put fast food restaurants in poor neighborhoods instead of supermarkets, one in four Americans is obese, we’re going to be paying crazy healthcare costs for obese, unhealthy Americans, heart disease is still the #1 killer in America, workplace productivity suffers due to health problems and cardiac arrests, etc. It’s about time we put huge sin taxes on unhealthy fast food like McDonalds, put restrictions on the number of fast food restaurants in certain areas versus supermarkets, etc.  Subsidies should given to restaurants that serve healthier fast food that tastes good–(even vegetarian fast food can taste good, like the amazing Veggie Bite in Chicago, with its fake Philly Cheese steaks that taste exactly like meat), etc. (Even crazier, Veggie Bite is *gasp* vegan–the CHEESE even tastes like real cheese!) I don’t know how they do it, but McDonalds should buy their recipes so it can make healthier, less greasy, less fat food, since Veggie Bite tastes so darn good!

A huge congratulations to some politicians in LA who want to ban and/or highly tax unhealthy fast food restaurants, for getting profiled in the Wall Street Journal–it’s time for the people of the US to take a stand. We’re ALL paying for healthcare costs and lost productivity due to unnecessarily unhealthy “food”–does it have to be so greasy, so high in sodium, so filled with transfats, and hydrogenated corn syrup and other processed ingredients? NO! It’s a health hazard, an undue drag on the economy, and should be taxed like cigarettes–it probably causes as many health problems and deaths.  Fast food-related health problems raise the cost of our health insurance, etc.

Heart disease is the #1 killer in America still–and it starts in childhood. Would you like a Happy Meal with that? Oh, isn’t that like Joe Camel??? Multi-state class action lawsuit versus unhealthy fast food chains!

We can make our country so much more competitive if we didn’t have to pay so much money for cardiac arrests, obesity, etc–we need better nutrition, eating habits, and preventative medicine–our health insurance costs would go down, people would be more productive, we’d have more money to put into infrastructure and education, etc.

Wall Street Journal: Exiling the Happy Meal Los Angeles Lawmakers Want to Escalate The War on Obesity (And Fast Food)


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