Best DJ Mix Ever Made

This is the best DJ mix ever made: funk, soul, new wave, eclectic: jazz, library music, prog, folk, soul, new wave, post punk, indie, etc.

DJ Letters and Science:

Arthur Verocai-Na Boca Do Sol

Christian Vander-Love in the Darkness

Dawson – DJ Shinrip

Eyeless in Gaza-John of Patmos

Flying Lizards-Her Story

Francis Lai-Rapt

Fucking Champs-Lee Tom

George Hirota-The Ancient Consciousness of Evil Spirit

Hiroshima-Winds of Change

Hollywood Cinema Orchestra-Long Ago and Far Away

Joji Hirota- Sublimation

Josef K- Final Request

Killing Joke- Nervous System

Life After Death-Marks

Lime-Wake Dream

Live Skull – Wisdom & Gravy

L & S- Run That One By Me Again

L & S-Hop Along

L &S -Redlining-featuring Francis Lai, Brian Bennet, Steve Gray, Rufus Chaka Khan, Hamilton Joe Frank Remix

Magazine-The Great Man’s Secrets

Martha and the Muffins-Swimming

Michel Colombier-Layas


Mudhoney-Broken Hands

Patrick Cowley-Sea Hunt

Pere Ubu- On the Surface

Phil Manzanera- Miss Shapiro

Rotary Connection-I am the Black Gold of the Sun

Shocking Blue-The Butterfly and I

Snakeshed- Karate Moves

Spike in Vain-Hamlet’s Dilemma

Stranglers- Baroque Bordello

Susan Christie-Paint a Lady

Talking Heads-Born Under Punches

Bonus tracks:

Bonnie Dobson-Bird of Space

Golden Earring-Fist in Glove

Brian Eno-On a Faraway Beach

Roxy Music-In Every Dream Home a Heartache

Jah Wobble, The Edge, Holger Czukay-Hold on to Your Dreams

Mahavishnu Orchestra-Cosmic Strut

Gabor Szabo-Keep Smilin’

Rotary Connection-I am the Black Gold of the Sun

Mr. Fingers-Can You Feel It

4 Hero-People Always Criticize Us

Almost made the list for the novelty/strangeness factor: Golden Earring — N.E.W.S. It’s really good…if you’re into that kind of thing–a hard rock new wave hybrid kind of thing. Sounds like it could be on a parallel universe Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine or a poppier D.A.F. album or something. Nice drums especially and synth bassline, scratchy guitar. Could only have come out of the 1980s.

Francis Lai photo from: Francis Lai

Also check out the Sweet/Dazz Band–Love is Like Oxygen/Let it Whip (L &S re-edit) (mp3) if you’re into some crazy serendipitous mashup action.


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