George Hirota — Ancient Consciousness of Evil Spirit, Sahasurara album

George Hirota – Sahasurara album (mp3s)
George Hirota – Ancient Consciousness of Evil Spirit (mp3)

This was being saved to be put on as a Bumrocks guest DJ, we’ll see if that happens. Anyway, enjoy, it’s from the vinyl of the George Hirota Sahasurara album. George Hirota is the same as the Joji Hirota who made the amazing Wheel of Fortune album. It’s all incredible sample-ready jazz fusion prog rock. Check out the amazing funky flute especially! Another highlight is Point of Contact–check out the funky prog rock drums, and the great latin-tinged piano.

Check out the link to the whole George Hirota-Sahasurara album. Hopefully they’ll rerelease this to CD! For fans of Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever, Tony Williams, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Arthur Verocai, Joji Hirota, Magma, etc.


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  1. you are my hero!! i am so grateful for this, thank you, if there is anything at all i can do for you pls don’t hesitate to ask, i collect rare japanese vinyl and have quite a bit but could not find this one anywhere to purchase a copy or download, email me anytime, thanks!

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