Ion TTUSB Turntable

Ion TTUSB turntables are awesome. In the past I’ve tried digitizing vinyl into wavs and then mp3s using some USB digitizer device hooked up to a normal record player and stereo, with less than satisfactory results. With the Ion TTUSB turntable I was very pleased with the sound quality I got. The turntable hooks directly into a computer via USB port. Don’t use the software it comes with, EZ Vinyl or whatever, it sucks, download and use the free Audacity software instead, it’s much better. The one thing to keep in mind is that the volume/gain control knob is on the BOTTOM of the turntable, right where the USB cord comes out–that’s pretty bad placement, as you have to lift the turntable to adjust the gain. You’ll want to adjust the gain for each record–you don’t wan the sound too loud that it clips, or too low, when you digitize a record into Audacity, and different records have different volume levels. The turntable is great for if you want to buy vinyl-only releases, and/or have a ton of old records lying around you wish you had in wav and mp3 format. Convert them to digital and store them away in some storage locker!  Vinyl is cool but it takes up so much space (and is heavy)!


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