Out on Blue Six–Obscure New Wave

Here’s some obscure but good new wave: Out on Blue Six – Party Moods (mp3). Nice frenetic female-fronted new wave, with that great jangly angular guitar and kind of dub influenced bass and drums. There’s a really great keyboard/synth part towards the end of the song. Kind of superficially reminiscent of the Delta 5, but not really. Kind of also like the great female fronted stuff on the first Flying Lizards record and on their Fourth Wall record.  They had at least seven inch and a cut on a 1980s compilation that I’m aware of, and this song was re-released on some more recent compilation. The bass player I think was also in this band Shriekback.


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  1. Hey there, I just tried to download this–but can’t. Any chance of reposting? The reason: I’m that female frontperson (& co-writer)–& I don’t have a copy any more….
    oh and you’re right–4 tracks on 2 compilation albums (Moonlight Club London) & this single with 3 tracks. Or was it 4? Guitarist Carl Marsh went on to form Shriekback with Barry Andrews of XTC. Bassist Nigel Holland writes film music.

    • Hi Kate, hope you are well.

      Just spotted this whilst meandering around. If you still need a copy, I can send you one – and just about anything else we recorded. G ;>

      • Hi Geoff and Kate, I loved your record. I had it on a favourite Peel tape. Eventually, years later, I had to to go and find the record, then those comp tracks. I heard you did 2 Peel sessions, I have only heard one replayed recently on 6 music – Mascara / Soft Sarcasm / Johnny / Party Mood. Love to hear any more.

      • Geoff Geoff Woolley Is this you? Wow the internet eh. I wonder if you’ll see this. Now looking you up on FB. LOVE xoKate

  2. Hi!

    Could I get a copy of this too? The female singer is my boss!

  3. I can’t send a copy of the single, but hope the following might help!
    I found this thread as I was looking for more info on the band – having stumbled on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNkIS3gnLXw – after listening to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvOkqm2o12s (you have to listen to John Peel’s outro name-check right at the end) which brought back memories of the band and this single.

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