Golden Earring: Fist in Glove, N.E.W.S.

Golden Earring: Fist in Glove

Classic rock band gone experimental/new wave.

Fist in Glove sounds a bit to me like a combination of Six Finger Satellite, Shellac, and the Who’s Eminence Front, plus maybe some Wall era-Pink Floyd prog disco.

Golden Earring: N.E.W.S.

The vocals at the beginning (when the actual singing starts) sound eerily like some famous Tool song, and it sounds a bit like some early poppy Nine Inch Nails or something too. Great new wave disco drum beat.  The drums and bass also remind me kind of some poppier  D.A.F./Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft with some nice scratchy new wave/disco/no wave guitars over the top.


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