The Stranglers–Do You Wanna–The Root of Every Jesus Lizard, Birthday Party, and Scratch Acid Song Ever Written

The Stranglers — Do You Wanna. This came out on the Stranglers’ Black and White album in 1978. Yes, that’s right, 1978. That’s two years before the first Birthday Party album (1980), Scratch Acid (1984), Jesus Lizard (1990). That’s one year before the first Joy Division album (1979).

Listen to the crazy Jesus Lizard bass line, the crazy Jesus Lizard guitar part, the crazy Jesus Lizard drum part, and the crazy singing. Except it’s the Stranglers and it’s 1978.

Steve Albini attests to early Stranglers adulation (the Stranglers even pop up in the Atomizer liner notes “Santiago Durango… Stranglers impersonation”)

What a great song!

They’re also underrated as a new wave band:

Stranglers–Bring on the Nubiles (released 1977).

Stranglers–European Female (released 1983)

Stranglers: Baroque Bordello (released 1979)

Stranglers: Shah Shah A-Go-Go/Ice (released 1979)


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  1. Nice post. I love The Sranglers and I also love Scratch Acid and The Jesus Lizard, etc. Grew up listening to all of these bands which in turn influenced my own humble efforts. I agree with your theory here and I bet the people involved would, too. I read an interview with the ultra-talented David Wm Sims a while back in which he said that JJ Burnell had been a massive influence on the way he plays. (Saw The Stranglers last night in London [Nov 2008] and they were amazing! JJ Burnell is still as cool as ever…) Thank goodness for all these great bands rubbing off on eachother. Cheers.

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