Voiviod–Live 2008!!! Blacky on bass! Dan Mongrain (Martyr) on highly technical guitar!

Voivod live 2008–with BLACKY on bass again, Snake on vocals, Away on drums, and Dan Mongrain from Martyr on guitar–SOUNDS AWESOME!!! I hope they make some great new albums…

Blacky ALWAYS has that great Jean-Jacques Burnel Stranglers/John Wetton Red-era King Crimson/Gentle Giant bass sound. The Martyr guitar player is awesome! More technical prog metal please! Then, a Voivod tour with the Fucking Champs and Meshuggah and Martyr!!!

I’m surprised at how awesome Martyr is (never heard them before). I like them as much as Meshuggah maybe! Not too into the vocalist though–the guitar in Voivod is going to sound awesome with the voice though if Snake keeps up the Dimension Hatross-era vocal stylings–especially pinned down with Blacky’s bass and Away’s prog drumming!



Martyr-Warp Zone and Virtual Emotions


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  1. very good bands,
    naice song.

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