New Wave Plus Hip Hop = Jay-Z Blueprint 3, Jockin’ Jay-Z

Inspired sampling of non-mainstream music in hip hop happens all too infrequently, but has a strong lineage with Grandmaster Flash sampling Liquid Liquid, many acts sampling ESG’s UFO, etc. Seems like no recent producers have really been sampling much good new wave, no wave, etc. So big props to Kanye West for sampling A.R.E. Weapon’s song “Street Gang” for “Jockin’ Jay-z” The sample sounds awesome. Now, that is creative use of a sample. And sure to make A.R.E. Weapons a bundle of cash and a bunch of new fans–awesome, a true win-win situation. A.R.E. Weapons sound alot to me like Suicide mixed with the Happy Mondays by the way, in a good way.  And Suicide just sounds like Gong’s Continental Circus album.

mp3: Jay-Z:” Jockin’ Jay-z (courtesy of Spine Magazine)

The Fader: Kanye + ARE Weapons = Jockin Jay-Z


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