Watch Netflix Watch Now, Hulu, and YouTube Videos on Your TV

It’s awesome to watch Netflix Watch Now movies and YouTube videos online on a TV set instead of a computer/laptop monitor.  And movies like 28 Days Later, Enter the Ninja, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and the Secret of Nimh for free on Hulu.  Many if not most flat screen TVs these days have a VGA PC jack on the back if you look closely enough that yo can hook your computer right up to; hey are just about big computer monitors. Most of the time you may already have a S-video out jack on your computer, so you’d just need to hook up to a TV with a s-video cable or s-video cable and s-video to RCA adapter. I was looking for USB to S-video, but couldn’t find anything good or affordable, looks like most of it is via the VGA port. You may be able to use a VGA to RCA adapter or t a VGA to HDMI converter such as this one.

BUT most important, look for these cables and adapters at Walgreens, on Amazon, etc., where you can get them cheap. DO NOT go to that ripoff Radio Shack, where for video stuff they only have Monster cables, etc, adapters that cost literally $21 that you can get elsewhere for $5. Or $50 for a HDMI cable (which you can get for $16 at CVS or Walgreens). What a ripoff. Plus they always ask for your phone number, address, etc. when you try to get a refund, which is a pain and a waste of time, not to mention kind of annoying–do you really want some Radio Shack teen salesman and everyone in the store hearing your name, phone number, and address? Way to lose my business, Radio Shack, especially when I found a s video cable next door at Walgreens for $5 that you were trying to charge me $20 for.


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