Kool Keith — Tashan Dorrsett

Wow, so Kool Keith actually has a good new album, Tashan Dorrsett! (mp3s)

His rhymes and delivery are way better than his last few efforts–perhaps inspired by the actually *really good* production/beats this time provided by DJ Junkaz Lou. Kutmaster Kurt and other producers had sounded pretty tired on their last few efforts with Kool Keith. In contrast, DJ Junkaz Lou pulls out some really good drum samples and programming , samples, scratches, and awesome analog sounding synth parts. Kool Keith hasn’t had production this good since…well, forever. Some might say Dr. Octagon had good production…but this is equally as good. Keith does fall back into some scatological and bladder-oriented rhymes once again…but overall Keith and DJ Junkaz Lou keep it pretty inspired and fresh. Really surprised at a very good effort with some really nice beats/production work. I heard Beck recorded a few songs with him way back, they should finally release those.

Amazon: Tashan Dorrsett! (mp3s)

Deezer: listen to Tashan Dorrsett for free

The Larry Hutch remix of Supa Supa Supreme is a particular standout production-wise.

Tashan Dorrsett trailer on YouTube. Only one beat is featured (sans album scratches and lyrics).


3 Responses

  1. I listened to some samples on iTunes. This is no good. It’s basically one of those filler albums that he’s put out in between genius efforts like Dr. Octagon and Project Polaroid.

  2. Ignore the reviewer above, there is no way you can come to that kind of conclusion after listening to “samples” of a cd. Now i know a bad keith cd when i hear one, and this certainly isnt one of them.
    He put over 2 years of work into this one, and it really paid off.
    The scatological rhymes are not out of place on this record, if you listen to it the cd in order, it actually makes sense with the concepts presented. (real begginer, to tashan[where he plays a literal baby])
    As with all kk releases, it makes sense after some analysis.
    Give this release a chance. I must say its excelent, and after listening to it for about a month straight, i have to say its up there with his other classics. Better than dooom 2 for sure.

  3. I also don’t agree with Michael. I have also listened to some samples and I can say that the album’s pretty good – the beats are tight and Keith is up again. Word

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