Maps and Atlases: Best New Band Ever!!!

Maps and Atlases: MTV2 Interview

Maps and Atlases: Songs for Ghosts to Haunt To (Live)

Wow! Maps and Atlases are the best new (to me) band ever! Imagine Yes, Gentle Giant, Brian Eno, Dave Matthews, Peter Gabriel, Captain Beefheart, and Don Caballero playing some amazing psychadelic pop tunes, and that might give you an idea of the pop and technical might of Maps and Atlases! From Chicago! On tour now!

Maps and Atlases — The Most Trustworthy Tin Cans (Live)

The Fall of Troy–Ghostship Part V (Live)

The Fall of Troy: as if prog legends Yes and King Crimson met Unwound, Drive Like Jehu, Voivod, and 2008 emo.  I would like to see a Fall of Troy/Maps and Atlases show.


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