Great Christian Vander Trio Live Show

There’s this great Christian Vander Trio live show floating around, awesome piano, bass, drums:

Paris, 01-31-1990

-The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

-Day After Day

-Like Sonny

-My Favorite Things


-Chim Chim Cheree

Anyone have a link?  Of course, this is the amazing Christian Vander of Magma fame.  Magma and the Christian Vander Trio, you must come play in the United States!


6 Responses

  1. Have a look at . Great vids, MP3 and photos. I’ll be posting a great vid on it, by this week (something like “my favorite things”, but hush… it’s still a secret…)

  2. I can get this for you, will take a little while to obtain and then i’ll put it up on a download site and foward the link, the least i can do in repayment for your kindness with the Hirota albums, and if you are looking for anything else please let me know by email, tks! Larry

  3. Hey thanks Larry, awesome! Such a great show. I hope the Christian Vander Trio and/or Magma come to the states in the upcoming future!

  4. can you email me offline?, got a question for ya

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