Rick Rubin on Metallica’s Death Magnetic

Wow, so the new Metallica album “Death Magnetic” is pretty good! Here’s what I think the music consultancy of Rick Rubin told Metallica, “It’s really simple to make a good Metallica record again. It’s not rocket science. Just do what you used to do. To wit, don’t do anything that sucks.” I.e.: don’t have awful Hetfield singing, just have straightforward metal barking like before. Don’t have dumb pop choruses–just have normal metal riffs like you used to. Don’t have solos where you use the wah pedal the whole time (well, maybe one, if it’s not too cheesy). It’s easy. Also make sure there are like 100 parts to each of your songs with virtuoustic playing to keep things interesting.  Etc. I’ve always dreamed of people having good music consulting businesses, like there are huge markets for management consultants in businesses. Guns and Roses sure could use one. I mean, bands could even outsource it, crowdsource it. The fans usually know what bands do best–producers, I mean consultants like Rick Rubin probably are just good at cutting the crap and steering bands towards what they’re good at, oh yeah, their “core competencies” in management lingo, and towards what their fans really want.

Michael Jackson could really use a musical consultant too.


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