Beatles–Tomorrow Never Knows

The Beatles–Tomorrow Never Knows–this is still the most modern sounding song ever made. What’s with the crazy rave/dance/industrial/funk/postpunk drums, the loudest/heaviest funky bassline ever, all those crazy samples/tape loops. Um, you’re jumping the gun Beatles, this kind of music isn’t supposed to be invented until like the 80s or 90s or something! Watch Paul talking about actual bags of actual little loops of tapes they used for the tape loops, and how the whole thing would be impossible to reproduce. Let your mind boggle watching George Martin and Paul McCartney play with the individual, isolated tracks of the song…including some piano part not used in it…how much would you play to be able to sit at a mixing board playing with individual Beatles song tracks, able to fade in and out separate vocal, drum, guitar, etc tracks!!!! I would pay more to do that than to take a trip on a rocket into space probably…

Brian Eno: Tomorrow Never Knows

Documentary of Tomorrow Never Knows


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