The 10 best Beatles tracks

Since Mr. Trickle Down has kindly mentioned The Beatles in recent posts, I figured that now was the time to share my list:

1. A Day in the Life

Pure brilliance. Psych bliss.

2. We Can Work It Out

Packs an amazing amount of ideas into a short song. A very manic depressive verse/chorus/verse. Lennon’s vocals are especially cool.

3. Paperback Writer

Very catchy with a great main riff

4. Tomorrow Never Knows

Refer to Mr. Trickle Down

5. Help!

Doom pop

6. Day Tripper

Lennon and McCartney sing about drugs or girls that don’t put out, or both. Great riffs.

7. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

Wonderfully intricate.

8. Eleanor Rigby

Doom pop again

9. Rain

Beautifully stoned track with a cool video.

10. Hold Me Tight

So Paul missed a few notes…who cares! This is so damn catchy.

Mr. Trickle Down and FiestaRed – let’s see your lists!


2 Responses

  1. Nice list but none of my list can be complete without

    Here comes the Sun – Simple & beautiful, feel good song

    Norweigan Woods – Psychedelic n yet seems so normal 🙂

    and one of Because,Blue Jay Way – Psychedlia at its best!!!

  2. Oh wow, I’m such a White Album/Revolver fan. My whole list would be probably all from those two albums except for one or two off of Abbey Road maybe…

    Dear Prudence–so grand, very elegant, and catchy.

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps–wow, what can you say. One of the Beatles’ best, by George Harrison no less! Very dramatic, kind of like Cream’s “White Room.” Quite a rocker.

    Happiness is a Warm Gun–more wow. What a great ethereal and mysterious intro, then into the heavy bass, drums, guitar. Such mysterious lyrics. Postpunk before punk or postpunk existed.

    Yer Blues–wow. Crazy heavy art blues.

    Helter Skelter–The world’s first best heavy metal art noise rock song, like the Beatles channeling Sonic Youth mixed with Black Sabbath circa 1968. I wonder how this song came about…

    Mother Nature’s Son or Martha My Dear–just very pretty.

    I’m Only Sleeping–Gee, their voices are like a whole register higher than on the White Album. Such a dreamy song. Captures waking up perfectly.

    She Said She Said–pop perfection. The Beatles have this perfect ability to have deep and dark edges in beautiful pop music. First verse: “She said, I know what it’s like to be dead, I know what it is to be sad, and she’s making me feel like I’ve never been born.” What???? What kind of fantastic pop song is that??? Beautiful and subversive.

    Tomorrow Never Knows–quite obviously they traveled to the future to make this first dance/rave/techno song. Ringo is way underrated. He’s the master at funky psychadelic pop drumming, he was more hip hop and funk than rock, i.e, he’s no “Neal Pert” or whatever, but the perfect psychadelic pop funky drummer for the Beatles–no other drum sound would fit the part. Buoyant and complicated in a nontraditional way, he got very many unconventional sounds and textures and used many patterns beloved by modern pop and hip hop producers.

    I Want You (She’s So Heavy) or Come Together–Just very ballsy Beatles songs. Very heavy and sophisticated, and yet also very poppy and direct. The Beatles were masters of taking 1,000,000 styles and assimilating them into their own special unparalleled Beatles style, like, I Want You is some kind of crazy Latin, Santana type of song, yet unmistakably a Beatles tune.

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