Doddodo: Japanese Electro/Noise Artist

Doddodo w/ Yoko Higashino (Baby-Q)

WOW. That’s some crazy Japanese electro/hip hop/noise rock. Kind of like some amazing leftover remnant from NY in the 1980s, like if Live Skull were into hip hop and electronics. Kind of like, if Sonic Youth’s Ciccone Youth were actually really good instead of mostly really, really bad.

So loud yet tuneful…possibly my current new favorite band. Some really good hip hop samples thrown in!

When’s the tour with Justice?

Doddodo–unknown track

Here’s a pretty awesome related band: Limited Express (Has Gone?)

Uh oh, this is ALL way more exciting than any music I have seen coming out of the US in years…it feels like music back from the late 1980s–around 1998 or so…

One of her albums, Sample Bitch Story, is available in MP3 form on Amazon.  I think the song Passenger (of Heart) samples Korn…why would I know that???

Thanks Momus!!!


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  1. Her other more recent album is available at HearJapan. I highly recommend it:

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