Fiesta Red’s Alltime Top Ten List of Led Zeppelin Songs

OK, instead of the Beatles (which I’ll eventually post – maybe) I’m gonna post Led Zeppelin songs.  I’m also going to be totally lazy and not post youtube links (and just paste something from a google image search).  Furthermore after twenty years I can still write down all their songs up until In Through The Out Door.

1.  Achilles Last Stand – I’m pretty sure this is Mr. Trickledown’s favorite (or one of top five – The Wanton Song and We’re Gonna Groove being the others and I totally respect Mr. Trickledown’s taste in music because he can form discussions about Live Skull while I’m still stuck on David Lee Roth vs. Sammy Hagar).  It’s ten minutes long and it’s not boring at all.

2.  No Quarter – Some of my favorite Jimmy Page soloing on this one.

3.  The Rover – I would have liked to have come up with that intro.

4.  Carouselambra – What the F is this song?  That’s why I like it.

5.  Communication Breakdown – When I sing this song it totally doesn’t matter that I can’t remember the lyrics.

6.  The Crunge – I’m still looking for the bridge.

7.  Immigrant Song – Let’s just rock on two notes! And they’re actually octaves!

8.  The Song Remains The Same – Even though there are lyrics, I still think of this as an instrumental.

9.  The Wanton Song – Mr. Trickledown pointed out how awesome (and/or goofy) this one is.

10.  We’re Gonna Groove – I’m going to rip off Mr. Trickledown again – This is a wicked cool song off of Coda.


2 Responses

  1. Oh yah, those are totally in my top five

    1. Achilles Last Stand — sounds like Voivod/Mahavishnu Orchestra/Drive Like Jehu etc. I don’t think Metallica’s Orion would exist without the song Achilles Last Stand. Kind of like, Olympic level musical inventiveness and chops on display in this song. Very complex and proggy. How many guitar overdubs are there in this song, like ten or eleven?

    2. The Wanton Song–Very jumpy and hyperactive, with some really interesting, delicate/pretty and unique chord changes. Very weird. Kind of like “postpunk” before punk. Also weird bluesy metal. Very interesting mix of elements in this song.

    3. Trampled Under Foot–their Stevie Wonder Superstition clavinet song. Indulging in their funky side but with a hard edge. Definitely Van Halen kind of ripped this off for “Ain’t Talkin About Love” chorus-wise. And you can’t beat the wacky car themed lyrics (I had no idea):
    “Ooh, trouble-free transmission, helps your oils flow
    Mama, let me pump your gas, mama, let me do it all”
    “Take that heavy metal underneath your hood
    Baby, I could work all night, leave a big pile of tubes”

    4. Immigrant Song–crazy, lots of Killing Joke and noise rock/post punk is heavily influenced by this. Quite an innovative, choppy rhythm to this song. Truly sounds like a horde of Nordic warriors charging full bore

    5. We’re Gonna Groove–just kind of weird and hyperactive. Another nice Led Zepplin hard edged blues/metal/funk song. Unique. Kind of “Janes Addiction” and Aerosmith sounding. Nice “octave subdivider” action

    6. Black Dog–A quintessential rocker. Really neat, the parts where there’s no music, just vocals. And people used to rave about all this gibberish about how Nirvana was “so special” for having “loud/soft” and “start/stop” dynamics…whatever dude.

    7. Dazed and Confused–wow that’s some spooky heavy metal blues action. Kind of like their most “Black Sabbath” sounding song. Sounds really mysterious.

    8. etc etc etc

    There are a lot of other Led Zeppelin songs I really like but these are some of the songs that always struck me as being really out there or kind of unique. I mean, they were so super-inventive

    PS did you ever think about how the opening/main riff in Whole Lot of Love is like a loop of the guitar and bass at the end of each verse in Jimi Hendrix’s “Hey Joe,” the part that is always played right after the lyrics “that gun in your hand” or the equivalent lyrics in other measures?

  2. Yep the whole

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