John McCain: “That One” Comment…McCain Racist or Catastrophically Oblivious?

Come on people…when John McCain referred to Obama as “that one,” what do you think he meant? Or what do you think many people may have inferred given our nation’s troubled past, with Jim Crow laws being abolished in just 1965… That WHAT? Come on…to many people, even if he didn’t intend it, it conjured a word that starts with an “N.” Like Nas’ planned title for his latest album, but Nas even backed away at the last minute).

Even if McCain referring to Obama as “that one” was just meant to be condescending, it was terribly rude and so blatantly tone deaf culturally that McCain is a dangerous liability to the United States. Very dehumanizing–would you refer to your dog as “that one” or by name?  Also tone deaf and dangerous, “Bomb bomb Iran,” threatening extinction for North Korea, next he’ll be referring to other countries’ leaders as “that one” and other countries’ peoples as “those people.” No thanks, we don’t need that kind of tone deaf loud mouth unthinking offensiveness from a US president.

From a comment on the Political Radar blog:

When slaves were brought to market for sale, a seller would ask, “Which one you want?” and a buyer would point at a black man and say, “That one.”

When the plantation man wanted something done, he would point to a group of slaves and tell them what tasks he wanted done. He would say, “this one” do that, and “that one” do this.

McCain, in dipping into our nation’s shameful racist past you are an insult to decent, patriotic Americans. You just lost this vote.


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  1. McCain demonstrates a frightening attitude towards Iran. Read about how important this issue is at SERENDIPITY.


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