$59/$79 Mountain Bikes–Magna Glacier Point at Target

*Update* My next bike probably won’t be a Glacier Point. I would bike in the rain, and parts started rusting off–does this happen with more expensive bikes too, or just cheaper bikes?

THIS IS SUPER LAME.  Magna Glacier Points used to be $59, they just raised the price to $79.  I NO LONGER RECOMMEND Magna Glacier Point bikes.  Hey, Target, we’re in the middle of a recession, okay?  No need to charge $20 more for your bikes now!  How’s that helping the consumer???  LAME.

Magna Glacier Point mountain bikes at Target–I love them, what a great deal at
like $59 $79 each (wait, I thought they used to be $59…did they raise the price? Yes, I would not necessarily trust them to actually ride down a tough mountain trail on, but they’re great for riding around town, getting to work, etc.

Honestly I’ve owned like three of them already, they’re so reasonably priced that it’s no terribly big deal if one gets stolen or is destroyed. Would hate to have a $200-$300 bike stolen.

Pricing the bikes at $59 $79 is was the perfect way to get non-bike crazy people to actually buy a bike and get some exercise. I always wanted a mountain bike growing up but they always seemed so expensive, like $500 or something, kids always had the fancy performance models. But $59 $79????   Pretty revolutionary. Okay, $79 is nowhere near as revolutionary as $59, it’s super lame that they jacked the price up.  I don’t want a marginal bike for $79.  $59, yes, $79 no.  Every kid and adult should get a bike, bikes are quite fun–probably the most elegant and efficient machines man has ever made as people say.
*UPDATE: I bought a used Trek Antelope for like $140 or so…good grief, it’s worth like 3 Magna Glaciers in terms of quality and rideability. So, my new recommendation is, get a used GOOD bike and skip the cheapo bikes. Man, it’s like Magna Glaciers aren’t even bikes compared to a Trek Antelope. Try a used good bike!*


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  1. Soooo, you think that this global resession has not affested the cost of materials, manufacture, shipping and marketing of a $59 bike to raise the price by a tad over 30%? (it may be a piece of crap but it was underpriced originally ) You’re friggin’ nuts! It’s a modern miracle that the Chinese can design,build and import a bicycle with an aluminum frame, 15 speeds, cantilever brakes, aluminum rims, tubes, MTB tires and so on, and still make money on it? The Americans could never do that. Quit your damned whining you big baby and cough up the 20 bucks!

  2. A 34% price increase is pretty significant.

  3. The fact is that the price tag is always right unless you can negotiate a lower price in a dept. store. Why complain about price? Why not complain when the same slow, uncomfortable designs have been used for decades(by slow I mean under 30 MPH on level ground). Bigger crank/cog-in-front means higher top speed, but, OH NO, then we would have to change the frame config a little and increase the rear cogs by 3 – 4. I would pay $500 for such a bike ($119-$250 is the normal range for good Mt. bikes).

    • $119-$250 is not the normal range for a good Mt bike, a starting point for a true Mt bike would be over $600. $119-$250 will get you something that looks like a mountain bike but would not hold up to actually riding on mountain bike trails and is probably very heavy. A “good” mountain bike is over a grand. A bigger “crank/cog” – I think you actually mean chainring may make it faster on level ground but then, you aren’t mountain biking are you?

      And if you think your Magna is faster and lighter than a Trek, you are kidding yourself. Again, if you say you are passing cars on the road, you aren’t mountain biking, are you? I’d be really surprised if you can get that Magna up to 30mph on level ground, I think you need to check your speedometer.

      If that’s the best bike you can afford, no problem, but don’t try to pass it off as being something more than what it is, a low end department store bike.

      • I love Bikesnobs like ol Ken on his TREK. Why is it no matter what bike is reviewed some dweeb has to play the “Ive got a more expensive bike” card. Of COURSE a TREK is a great bike but we are reviewing a Magna Glacier point. I ride a Cannondale but eople who ride Magna’s are just as valid as you “Competative guy” LOL..Oh so IMPRESSIVE! Go find a TREK thread pls.

  4. Forgot to mention that I own a Magna Glacier point. It is much faster and lighter than most current bikes from schwinn, huffy, TREK… COME ON! I have tested these bikes and they are heavy, fragile, and slow by comparison. I have a habit of passing cars on the road, so I’m speaking more for the competitive cyclist here.

  5. Hey chaz, are you saying that mountain bikes cannot be used on a road with, god forbid…CARS? Maybe the Chinese should insert levelers into this bike so it can only be ridden on an upgrade or downgrade? Get real

  6. I just had my Dahon folding bike stolen – but, they left me a Magna Glacier Point. Thanks? – I guess – at least there is air in the tires. The reason I had a folding bike was in case my bus didn’t have a rack – or, I had to take the subway. Well, at least I have I bike… and the thieves had a conscious for leaving me a Magna.

  7. Oh man! I can’t believe they left you a Magna! How did they steal your Dahon?

    BTW, update: I bought a used Trek Antelope for like $140 or so…good grief, it’s worth like 3 Magna Glaciers in terms of quality and rideability. So, my new recommendation is, get a used GOOD bike and skip the cheapo bikes. Man, it’s like Magna Glaciers aren’t even bikes compared to a Trek Antelope. Try a used good bike!

  8. Also, never use those cable locks as your main lock (very easy for thieves to cut through), or a Masterlock U lock. Kryptonite U locks are SO much better–my Masterlock U lock kept freezing and I had to leave my bike for days–my Krytonite U lock never freezes!

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  10. Our Diamondback mountain bike has stood the test of time with abuse and mileage, driving in the rain, city to city…..it’s great! Our son has ridden it since he was nine and now he’s 5’9 and 180 lbs. Need new bike. Checking into the Glacier Magna because tired of getting bikes stolen and paying over 100 for the last two! Hoping this one holds up. Also, I use a Trek and love it, but don’t leave all day at a school where amble time for thief to steal. I’ll check out that lock.


  11. got one of these, great deal racked an ass-load of mileage. not too bad, crank bearings are worn out now, rear wheel bearings are done, i replaced the freewheel with a 7 speed (needed some speed), tires were acceptable (tubes blew twice) also schwin replacement tubes suck. Overall i needed a bike and i rode this thing into the ground. if you don’t have 100’s to spend and you need cheap transportation this bike is for you. if you are looking for something you are gonna put many miles on don’t bother here. btw the grips on the handle bars hurt like a bitch and the seat is just awful on the ass.

    • I am interested in replacing the freewheel to a 7 speed as well. is this a straight up replacement upgrade (besides the shifters obviously)Did you have to mess with the axle spacing? What about the wheel dish?

  12. BTW. for all you snobs out there bitching about price. Find a 15 speed bike this cheap anywhere else. i dare you. if your expecting an amazing bike thats superb out of a $79 target special you are out of your damned mind.

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  14. My buddies girlfriend was moving, asked if she could store her
    Glacier Point here, I said sure. I road it a few times, though not much of a cyclist it peddled easy, felt good to ride.

    After some time the girl never came for her bicycle. I got tired of tripping over it in my living room and parked it out back. Big Mistake. After a few months I went out for it and it not only rusted horribly, but the plastic had melted off! One foot pedal was just about gone. Another rusted so bad it would not turn. One brake lever was half gone. The gear shifts, though they looked OK, one broke off the moment I tried to use it. Also, the back rim was bent I guess from the weight of the bike leaning on it.

    I know it was wrong to leave it outside like that, but I remember as kids we left our bikes outside all the time. There might be some rust, usually on the chain or handlebars, but I never saw a bike dissolve like this. Many important parts are plastic, cheap plastic. Like the kind where if you leave and old milk carton out in the sun and you come back in a week and it has holes burned in it.

    Can you imagin going down hill and having to brake and then the brake lever snaps off in your hand? I see now why the girl never returned for her bike. I have since acquired an old Univega with a bigger frame and wider tires. No plastic, and it is nearly 5 lbs lighter than the Glacier Point. Glacier is a cheap bike that probably wont last more that 5 years in my estimation.

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