Holger Czukay / Jah Wobble / Jaki Liebezeit/The Edge–Full Circle and Snake Charmer Albums, Awesome New Wave Dub

Okay so are you ready for some awesome dub/new wave/postpunk/krautrock? Brought to you by Holger Czukay/Holgar Czukay, one of the founders of Can, Jah Wobble, dub bassist extrodinaire with his own solo career and PIL, and Jaki Liebezeit, also a founding member of Can. Kind of reminds me of the equally excellent Flying Lizards of course…with touches of Kajagoogoo and the Fixx at times, which is either very good or very bad depending on your tastes of course, R&B such as Frankie Beverly’s Maze, and lots of nice disco stuff. Very 70s/80s/dubby, from the album/EP Full Circle.

Watch out all you new wave/postpunk/disco electro revivalists!!! This old stuff still sounds better!!! There are tracks on Snake Charmer that sound a lot like some of the stuff on the proggy album Effects of Exposure or whatever by this band Regressive Aid…wonder which was first?

Here’s another one, Hold On To Your Dreams, feature the EDGE of U2 on guitar…awesome!!! Off of the album/EP Snake Charmer.

mp3s: Snake Charmer album/EP (via Wiel’s Time Capsule blog)

mp3s: Full Circle album/EP (via the Fantasmi Macchina blog)


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