Misleading Packaging: Juice “Beverages” and “Drinks” Not 100% Juice

Beware: that bottle of “juice” you are buying may actually not be 100% juice, but rather a 30% juice “juice beverage” or “juice drink.” Okay, dear Tropicana and other juice makers, this is so misleading and unnecessary. When I see a bottle of what says “juice” in big letters than in small letters under that “beverage” I don’t expect that it’ll be only 30% juice…I expect it to be 100% juice. What’s the other 70%? Do you get that many people who think,” why would I want 100% juice, I want just 30% juice?

Please stop this misleading and unnecessary practice. Please label every product that’s not 100% juice as “punch” and not “juice beverage.” If it’s not 100% juice, it shouldn’t have the word juice in the title….just punch, like “grape punch.” What on earth is a 30% grapefruit “juice beverage.” You stop this misleading labeling immediately as it is an affront to the American people who deserve clear labeling in their search for nutritious food products.  Dear FDA, please start cracking down on this nonsense!  Please require the percentage of juice to be put in large font on the front, such as “Juice Beverage, 30% juice!”


One Response

  1. Remember when McDonalds used to sell orange drink. Not orange soda or juice but drink.

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