Best Hip Hop Song in Ten Years: Jay Electronica/Just Blaze — Exhibit A


mp3: Exhibit A–Final Cut

mp3: Exhibit A–Rough Draft

Ahh, this is great stuff…great lyrics, delivery, synths, drums, etc. Any rapper who name drops Kurt Vonnegut is tops in my book….not only that, but Obama, Kurt Vonnegut, and Kurt Cobain all in the same bar!

“I spit that Wonderama shit, me and my conglomerates shall remain anonymous, caught up in that final shit–get that type of media coverage Obama get, spit that Kurt Vonnegut, that blow your brain Kurt Cobain, that Nirvana shit…”  And best of all over a super-good fusion-sounding Just Blaze beat…

MP3s courtesy of Nah Right


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