Worst Idea Ever: Robotic Soldier Killing Machines


Okay, so like, these people working on robotic soldiers/war machines haven’t seen Terminator??? NO WAR ROBOTS PLEASE!!!  Like, after seeing the terrorist attacks in India…what are the chances terrorists will ever get ahold of killer robots? And once we have killer robots, people will want weapons that knock out electrical functions, like electromagnetic pulse weapons, as self-defense against the robots, and of course once those become common people will be knocking off power grids left and right and we’ll be screwed, without the ability to use electricity…and the robots will be able to track you through your cellphone use, GPS, etc…BAD IDEA PEOPLE!!!

Talk about an arms race/race to the bottom.   WE NEED SOME HELP WITH GAME THEORY HERE PEOPLE!!! I mean, once country A has the robots, so will every other country want similar robots, etc etc etc.  We should just have a world-wide ban on war robots, period.  Of course, the logic is also that no country wants to be the last to develop them and be caught unprepared…

NY Times: A Soldier, Taking Orders From Its Ethical Judgment Center

On the privacy front, see this article on all the ways these robots will hunt you down:

NY Times: You’re Leaving a Digital Trail. What About Privacy?


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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA paranoid much?

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