Joe Satriani Sues Coldplay!

A-ha ha this is hilarious…if you listen to it, Chris Martin is actually singing the exact melody of the Joe Satriani guitar part…that’s just pathetic.

Here’s the Joe Satriani song:

the comments are the best:

“wow these two songs are really bad. They sound way better played at the same time. Oh, and Joe Satriani sucks.”

special_muppet :

“Too Shy by Kajagoogoo uses this chord progression if I’m not mistaken. There must be hundreds more.”


“I hope Satriani wins just so Coldplay can go away.”

“This will be interesting to watch the outcome…Of course we all know the most infamous plagarists…Led Zeppelin. Spirit wrote the chord progression for Stairway and one of the Fathers of Chicago Blues..Mr. Willie Dixon won his case against Led Zeppelin…There are at least a dozen songs that Led Zeppelin STOLE from the blues guys with NO recognition..Sad, Sad, Sad. Even Elvis stole from the blues guys…The Blues made the British Invasion and Rock and Roll…”

“id rather not hear either of those songs ever again”

“I would personally like to kick every member of Coldplay in the nuts”


3 Responses

  1. satriani sucks!

  2. coldplay sucks

  3. Wow Satrianai must be really broke,to say there is a similarity to coldplay’s song is a stretch farther than joes e-string,maybe he’s trying to raise enough dough for a hair transplant.

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