Superb Technical Metal: Pegataur–The Falcon Priest

Pegataur–The Falcon Priest.  Wow, Eric the guitarist is amazing and the drummer kicks ass!  Check out the non-stop pinch harmonics!  It’s like the Fucking Champs with 1/3 less members but just as good!  In these tough economic times there’s not much money to feed band members so if you can cut it down to two members and still make a racket like Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Sir Lord Baltimore, all the better!  I think they’re breaking like some musician’s union rules though by skimping out on that third band member 😉

It’s quite zen or something how Pegataur is so economically powered–Pegataur is truly leading the “green revolution” in terms of economical packaging, minimizing consumption and cutting waste.  It’s like Bain and Co or McKinsey analyzed their business processes and said, “Okay, any more members would only be redundant and wasteful so we’re laying them off to rightsize your musical organization–your input and output flows are optimized and peak operational capabilties are achieved at two members with respective core metal competencies of guitar and drums.”


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