The Most Overlooked 80s New Wave Album Ever–The Fixx: Shuttered Room


The Fixx–Shuttered Room (mp3s on Amazon)

Yes, the Fixx album Reach the Beach has those staples of alternative rock and now classic rock stations Saved By Zero and One Thing Leads to Another.  But Shuttered Room is a whole other beast–it’s the kind of new wave that indie kids and new wave revivalists have been trying to recreate like forever now.  Throw in a mix of Joy Division, PIL, Duran Duran, Kajagoogoo, Flying Lizards, Bauhaus, and Josef K and newer bands like Stereolab and you’ll get an idea of the sound–a sound emulated by bands like Franz Ferdinand, Santogold, Sebastien Tellier, Interpol, etc.  More mainstream bands this album sounds like are the Police and U2.  Every song has an unexpected and/or triumphant hook that makes the song classic.  This album will take you back to the days of Ferris Buller and Better Off Dead for sure.

Standout tracks include the totally awesome I Found You, Stand or Fall, Red Skies, Lost Planes, and Cameras in Paris.  Also recommended: Golden Earring’s 80s-tastic new wave classic rock songs Fist in Glove and N.E.W.S.

Reach the Beach is a classic, great album of course.  I never realized how dubby some of the tracks are, and standouts include Saved By Zero, One Thing Leads to Another, Reach the Beach, and Outside.

After Shuttered Room and Reach the Beach, I probably like Phantoms the most.

Also check out: The Most Overlooked 70s/80s New Wave Album Ever–Magazine: Secondhand Daylight.  It’s several times better than Shuttered Room, coming out of a true 1970s prog rock Brian Eno/Roxy Music tradition that 80s new wave grew out of.


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