Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill (1985) versus Fleetwood Mac’s Big Love (1987)

I’m a HUGE Fleetwood Mac fan, it’s obvious here that their song Big Love (1987) was hugely influenced by Kate Bush’s Running up that Hill (1987).  Both awesome songs–this music could only have been made in the mid/late 80s.  A lot of mid/late 80s songs had those kinds of synths, and sad kind of dark romance/relationship lyrics–like the most famous Eurythmics albums.  Apparently Kate Bush was discovered by Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour, there’ are a few videos on Youtube of them playing together.

Kate Bush–Running Up That Hill (1985)

Fleetwood Mac-Big Love (1987)

Kate Bush’s song Never for Ever is AWESOME, and it has a song Egypt that sounds in parts like the Mahavishnu, parts sound like Joni Mitchell’s Hejira, lots of nice experimentation and jazz fusion and prog rock.  Here new song Aerial is pretty awesome too!!!  I wish she could get together with Joni Mitchell to do an album together!


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