Graphical Interfaces for Subversion Version Control: TortoiseSvn versus RapidSvn

I’m experimenting with using version control software for programming projects.  What I’ve found is that TortoiseSvn has a way better user interface and documentation than RapidSvn, by many degrees of magnitude.  TortoiseSvn adds Create Repository, Import, Export, Checkout, Repository Browser, etc buttons helpfully to the right-click context menu in Windows so you easily access TortoiseSvn functions while browsing folders etc.  RapidSvn doesn’t even have “Browse” buttons in its import menus; you have to manually type in paths/urls, which seems super rudimentary/user-unfriendly!!!

I had a headache getting Subversion to work with TortoiseSvn and RapidSvn, I forget which Subversion binaries I downloaded first, but they were out of date or something seemingly even when linked from the Subversion page.  I went back and installed CollabNet Subversion binaries which seemed to do the trick.  So, right now if you’re looking for a good GUI/graphical user interface to Subversion, TortoiseSvn is much better than RapidSvn!!!

Here’s a good tutorial on how to import existing files into a new repository you create; it’s kind of non-intuitive, though once you get over the first few steps it’s much easier.


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